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November 2015 Recipe: Roasted Eggplant Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It’s November and the cold, rainy weather has us in the mood for comfort food. This twist on the classic grilled cheese takes ooey-gooey goodness to a new level.


whole eggplant
1 clove garlic
olive oil
salt & pepper
fresh bread


Wash eggplant and cut into 1/4 to 1/2 inch round slices.
Brush exposed sides with olive oil.
Cut garlic in half; rub exposed garlic clove over oiled eggplant.
Spread slices on baking sheet covered with parchment paper or Silpat.
Roast at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes, or until eggplant is golden brown.
Remove eggplant from oven. Set aside as much as you need for your sandwiches.

If you are not going to use all of the eggplant right away, place unused portion in an airtight container immediately (allowing the eggplant to cool in the container retains the steam and keeps your eggplant moist). Allow container to cool on counter before refrigerating. The leftover eggplant can be used for more sandwiches, or turned into Baba ghanoush.

Make your grilled cheese as usual, adding a layer of eggplant, gently sprinkled with salt and pepper. Pair with your favourite soup.



Watch Medical Scenes like a BOSS!

You’ve heard the terms below used time and again in medical dramas. They trip off actors’ tongues like they know what they’re talking about… and so should we, the viewers. Unless you actually are a medical professional, we bet you are uncertain about at least a few of them.

And so, in order for you to confidently view and comprehend medical scenes (and perhaps even impress fellow viewers with your superior knowledge), we give you a quick definition of some of the most commonly used terms. We will not force you to learn to spell them all as we have, though.

acrotic – An extremely weak pulse or no pulse at all.

afebrile – Having no fever (this is a good thing).

CBC – Complete blood count.

chem panel – A series of seven or eight blood chemical tests. One of the most widely ordered sets of tests.

cyanotic – Someone who is cyanotic has bluish skin color resulting from poor circulation and insufficient oxygen in the blood.

echocardiogram – An ultrasound image of the inside of the heart. Not to be confused with an ECG, or electrocardiogram, which measures the heart’s activity through electrodes on the chest. Typically, ECGs generate the long strip of paper TV docs are often seen studying carefully.

edema – An abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body causing swelling.

intubation – The insertion of a tube into a hollow organ or passage. In movies and television, it’s most often seen as the introduction of a breathing tube through the mouth and down the throat, but any hollow organ (intestines, stomach, nose, bile ducts) can be intubated.

ischemia – Decrease or lack of blood supply to an organ or part due to a constriction or obstruction of the blood vessels.

petechial hemorrhage – Small red or purple spots on the skin caused by a minor bleed.

pneumothorax – Air or gas in the space between the chest wall and the lungs causing the lung(s) to collapse.

Ringer’s lactate – A solution used to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes. It consists of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium lactate in distilled water.

subcutaneous – Just beneath the skin; i.e. a drug administered subcutaneously would be injected under the skin.

succinylcholine – A short-acting muscle relaxant and local anesthetic.

tachycardia – An abnormally rapid heart rate.

tracheotomy – A procedure whereby an incision is made in the windpipe in order to bypass the nose and mouth. Used to restore breathing.  The resulting hole, through which the patient breathes, is called a tracheostomy.

Coming Attractions and Highlights

New Releases

The Liquidator: On the GoThe Liquidator: On The Go
Airs on OLN, Thursdays at 9pm

This special-edition season follows Jeff to far-flung locations that few other liquidators would dare to visit, as he’s constantly forced out of his comfort zone.  Follow Jeff as he travels from New Dehli to Palm Springs while he stops at nothing to turn a profit.

Haida Gawii: On the Edge of the WorldHaida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World
Runs November 20–26 at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto and Vancity Theatre in Vancouver

If you have never visited Haida Gwaii, then this is a great place to start. Charles Wilkinson’s stunning cinematography vividly captures the raw beauty of this very special part of the world. Here, in one of Canada’s most precious natural spaces, battle cries are rising as the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline spills directly into the surrounding area—going against the ethos of the community and threatening the environment.

Mark & Russell's Wild RideMark & Russell’s Wild Ride
Airs on Family Channel, November 27

Mark is ecstatic when Ashley, the most popular girl in school, asks him for a ride to an exclusive pool party. There’s only one problem – he still hasn’t passed his driver’s test! Mark ropes his trusted sidekick, Russell, into a wacky scheme to ace his driver’s test so he can impress the girl of his dreams.

A  Gift Wrapped ChristmasA Gift Wrapped Christmas
Premieres on Lifetime Canada, November 28

A personal shopper tries to make her new client get into the holiday spirit and spend more time with his young son.

Angel of ChristmasAngel of Christmas
Airs on Hallmark Channel, November 29

A holiday Grinch ever since her boyfriend dumped her on Christmas, newspaper staffer Susan gets her first big break to write her own headline story. A Christmas-themed account of her own family’s carved wooden Christmas Angel—an angel that supposedly has magical properties to bring true lovers together.

The BridgeKaren Kingsbury’s The Bridge
Premieres on Hallmark Channel, December 6

Molly and Ryan share a profound friendship their first semester in college. At their favorite bookstore and coffee shop, The Bridge, they spend countless hours studying and inspiring each other to dream.

Magic StockingMagic Stocking
Premieres on Hallmark Channel, December 6

Lindsey, a single mom with an adorable daughter, is closed off to life after losing her husband a few years back. When she buys a stocking at her town’s Christmas craft fair, the family begins magically finding items in the stocking that they learn have importance in their lives.

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell StoryThe Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story
Airs on CraveTV, VOD

The behind-the-scenes story of the hit ’90s TV show delves into the experiences of six unknown young actors placed into the Hollywood spotlight, exposing the challenges of growing up under public scrutiny.

Sonic MagicThe Nature of Things: Sonic Magic
Streams on CBC

How does sound affect us? It can cure the sick and make the blind see.  It can even change the taste of food. Whether it’s sound we choose to hear, like the music we play in our headphones, or sound we would rather do without, like the noise of the city, we live in a sonic world that we seldom think twice about.


Horror Movies to Watch at Hallowe’en

Horror Movie Lists

It’s Hallowe’en on Saturday AND we get an extra hour of sleep… could this be a more perfect time to catch up on your horror movie watching?

With so much to choose from, what to watch? We’ve got some suggestions for you. Pick your category, scan the entries, rip open that bag of mini chocolate bars, pour the wine, snuggle up under a cozy fleece and voilà: the perfect rainy, extra-long Hallowe’en night.

Our personal top pick: The Shining.
We mean the original 1980 classic. Jack Nicholson at his most villainous. Shelley Duvall at her most terrified. An axe. What’s not to love?

Highest-Rated Horror Movies
(With at least 1000 votes on IMDb.) Here they are, the most popular of the genre.

Highest Grossing Horror Movies
Figures based on US market.

Scariest Horror Movies
This category is different than highest-rated. Some of the scariest movies (that will make you want to keep the lights on all night) were not necessarily the most popular.

Best Low-Budget Horror Movies
Remember The Blair Witch Project? Lots of that ilk here.

Worst Horror Movies
(With at least 1000 votes on IMDb.) Because sometimes truly awful can be truly entertaining.

Funniest Horror Movies
They didn’t set out to be funny, but they achieved it by being so unbelievably wrong! I think they overlooked a gem when they failed to include The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen
Truth? We haven’t seen any of them either, so we’re relying entirely on viewers’ opinions. If you opt for one of these, let us know what you think!

Wild Card! Terrifying Non-Horror Movies
If you like being scared, but aren’t really a fan of the horror genre, here you’ll find some bone-chilling films that have nothing whatever to do with horror.

And finally, for fans of the horror-movie scream (not the movie “Scream” but the piercing wail of the imperiled heroine), here’s a little treat for you.

Coming Attractions and Highlights!

New Releases

Klondike TrappersKlondike Trappers
Airs on History Channel, Wednesdays at 10pm

Klondike Trappers follows a group of brave souls pursuing an ancient and dangerous way of life in the frozen wilderness that borders Alaska and the Yukon.

Keeping Canada AliveKeeping Canada Alive
Airs on CBC , Sundays at 9pm

A revealing snapshot of the Canadian health care system, with each episode filmed over the course of one 24-hour period.

'Tis the Season For Love‘Tis The Season For Love
Premieres on Hallmark Channel, November 1

Beth Baker is an out-of-work actress stuck in New York City without her friends at Christmas time. She decides to return home to the quaint small town she escaped 10 years before. Will the holidays prove to be as magical for Beth as they appear? Or is the magic doomed to disappear as quickly as it arrived for a lady who is ready to take chances she could never have imagined a decade before?

Premieres on Esquire, November 14

The tidy life of a troubled crime scene cleaner, Jean, is turned upside down when his outlaw brother, Martin, crash-lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.

Man in the High CastleMan In the High Castle
Streams on Amazon.com, starting November 20

A compelling and provocative new series based on the novel from acclaimed author Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle takes a glimpse into an alternate history and what life in the U.S. may have been like if the Allied Powers had lost World War II.

Jim Henson's Turkey HollowJim Henson’s Turkey Hollow
Premieres on Lifetime USA, November 21

A live-action film based on original characters and story written in 1968 by creative mastermind Jim Henson, the movie follows the story of the Emmerson family as they head to the quaint town of Turkey Hollow to spend a rustic Thanksgiving.

October 2015 Recipe: Ghostly Cupcakes

Ghostly Cupcakes

We know not all of you have the time to tackle something complicated, so we’ve kept these as simple as possible. In virtually no time at all, you can whip up a batch of these fun cupcakes.

Cupcake Ingredients

1 boxed chocolate cake mix of your choice (we used a generic store brand)
eggs (number will vary according to the cake mix)
2 overripe bananas

Cupcake Directions

Follow the basic recipe on the cake mix box.
For better flavour and super moist results, we recommend you make the following changes to the mix directions:
1) decrease the amount of water by 1/4 c. Increase the amount of oil by 1/4 c.
2) add the two overripe bananas to the batter as you are beating it.

Bake according to box instructions for cupcakes (the extra moisture from the bananas may add to your baking time).
Set aside to cool.

Icing & Decorating

1 can pre-made white icing
or, if you prefer to make your own, we followed this white icing recipe
black jujubes or gumdrops
candy eyeballs (We got ours at Gourmet Warehouse. Michael’s also carries edible eyeballs in their cake decorating section.)

Ice the cupcakes.
Cut jujube or gumdrop in half with scissors.
Place two halves on top of cupcake with cut side up (this is important, as the exposed surface is sticky for a few minutes until it dries).
Place candy eyeball on sticky top of cut gummy candy.
Marvel at your handiwork before little (or big) goblins devour them.



7 Holiday Party Ideas

7 Holiday Party Ideas


The  holidays in  September?

We know, few people want to think about them this early! But if you want a good location for your party, you’ve got to book it stat. To help you, we’ve gathered a few ideas for stand-out parties.

1Play a game.

For something completely different, you and your guests can play one of Vancouver’s many themed escape games. The fun begins when your group is locked in a (non-claustrophobic) room and you have to work together to find the way out. Game length, theme, and cost varies by location. Check several locations here.

 2Drink. Don’t drive.

Vancouver Brewery Tours offers private craft brewery tours. Hop aboard one of their chauffeured vans (up to 28 seats available) and let them take care of the rest. Allow room in the budget for a taxi home for each of your guests.

Or, if wine is your preferred beverage, House Wine will stage a private wine-tasting in your home or office. They offer many tasting themes, including (but not limited to) “Wine Etiquette,” “Brown Bag Value,” and “Match Maker” or will create a theme to suit your tastes. Again, allow room in your budget for taxis for your guests.


When was the last time you went to Theatresports? For a truly entertaining evening, buy out the entire theatre for your group. The theatre seats up to 180 and includes exclusive access to the bar & lounge.

4Wield a sword.

We dare you! Bring your staff to Academie Duello on Hastings Street and learn to swing a broadsword, properly draw a sword, or even fend off baddies with an umbrella. No experience required.

5Jump around.

Extreme Air Park (in Richmond or Langley) offers “all trampolines, all the time.” Visitors can do their own thing on any of the trampolines in the 42,000 square foot facility, but we recommend a rousing game of trampoline dodge-ball to get everyone playing together. (Probably best suited for an agile group with good knees.)

6Eat out.

Grub is a lovely little bistro on Main Street. Closed for too long after a fire, it’s open again, and the food is as good as ever. Intimate, welcoming setting for a smallish group.  Or, there’s the lovely Pied à Terre on Cambie Street (site of Line 21′s holiday party last year).  Food good enough to satisfy even the fussiest gourmand.

8Eat early.

Who says your party has to be in the evening? Consider brunch instead. The options for a great brunch are vast in Vancouver. The Teahouse in Stanley Park is an old favourite, and the view is spectacular. Or try Tuc Craft Kitchen. Featuring lots of local ingredients and a hip vibe, it’s been rated one of Vancouver’s best brunch spots.


Coming Attractions and Highlights!

New Releases

I Am Chris FarleyI Am Chris Farley
Airs on The Movie Network, September 25
Airs on Movie Central, October 1

A documentary on the brief life and legacy of Chris Farley. The film explores the comedian’s fast rise from Saturday Night Live to the silver screen, followed by his untimely death at age 33.

Ninth FloorNinth Floor
Plays at VIFF, September 26 & 29

Takes a penetrating look at the Sir George Williams University riot of February 1969, when a protest against institutional racism snowballed into a 14-day student occupation at the Montreal University.

Playing at VIFF, September 28 & October 2

Escaping from the captivity in which they have been held for half a decade, a young woman and her five-year-old son struggle to adjust to the strange, terrifying, and wondrous world outside their one-room prison.

Haida GawiiHaida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World
Plays at VIFF, September 29, October 3 & 9

Stunning cinematography explores the geographic heart of the Haida Gwaiian people, who thrived for more than 10,000 years until they were decimated through disease, rampant commercial logging, and industrial over-fishing since contact. Today, the Haida Nation is recovering, exerting their sovereignty, and winning battles against unsustainable logging and fishing.

Tricks on the DeadTricks on the Dead
Plays at VIFF, September 30 & October 4

The little-known history of 140,000 Chinese recruits who were secretly transported through Canada to dig trenches on the fronts of World War I.

Plays at VIFF, October 1 & 5

A complex portrait of Eadweard Muybridge, the father of motion pictures, whose searing jealousy of his young wife eclipsed his genius, leading to one of the most infamous legal cases in history.

Crash GalleryCrash Gallery
Premieres on CBC, October 2

An art challenge series showcasing 15 artists from across Canada. In every episode, three talented artists go head-to-head against each other in a real-time creative arena, giving the audience a front-row seat to the creative process.

The Romeo SectionThe Romeo Section
Premieres on CBC Friday, October 14

Follows  spymaster Professor Wolfgang McGee, an academic who secretly manages a roster of espionage assets. These assets, referred to as Romeo or Juliet spies, are informants engaged in intimate long- or short- term relations with state intelligence targets.





September 2015 Recipe: Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

This month, we’re featuring a recipe from our very own “crazy dog lady.” It’s been tested—and given two paws up—by not only Rachel’s dogs, but by the many pups who pass through her home. The long bake-time ensures a good crunch.


2.5 c natural peanut butter
3 eggs
1 1/3 c flour
½ – ¾ cup broth or water


Beat peanut butter and eggs together.
Mix in flour and broth/water until you have a stiff dough.
Spread out evenly on large cookie sheet (one with edges) so that the dough covers the entire sheet.
Bake 30 minutes at 325.
Remove from oven.
Keep the half-baked dough in the pan. Using a sharp knife, deeply score the dough into roughly 1/2 inch squares.
Return the pan to the oven. Turn heat down to 300.
Bake at least 40-60 minutes.  (Treats will be visibly greasy from the peanut oil.)
Cool. Break along score lines.
Store in an air-tight container. They keep well frozen.

Coming Attractions and Highlights!

Cedar CoveCedar Cove
Airs on Hallmark Channel, Saturdays at 8/7pm C

Based on author Debbie Macomber’s book series of the same name, Cedar Cove focuses on Municipal Court Judge Olivia Lockhart’s professional and personal life and the townsfolk surrounding her in the picturesque town of Cedar Cove.

I Am Chris FarleyI Am Chris Farley
Playing at TIFF Lightbox, Toronto, until August 27
Playing at Rio Theatre, Vancouver, August 29 & September 1

A documentary on the brief life and legacy of Chris Farley. The film explores the comedian’s fast rise from Saturday Night Live to the silver screen, followed by his untimely death at age 33.

Highway Thru Hell, Season 4
Premieres on Discovery Canada, September 8 at 10pm ET/7pm PT

Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue has the daunting job of clearing semi-trailer wrecks to keep the Coquihalla highway open. Closure is not an option. For Jamie and his colourful crew, winter season is a non-stop onslaught of tangled semis and blistering weather.

First DatesFirst Dates
Premieres on Slice, September 1 at 10pm

A new documentary series about real people going on real first dates. No gimmicks. Just genuine people going on a dinner date. All ages. All demographics.


Red Carpet Premiere at the Rio Theatre, Vancouver, August 31 at 6:45pm

A complex portrait of Eadweard Muybridge, the father of motion pictures, whose searing jealousy of his young wife eclipsed his genius, leading to one of the most infamous legal cases in history.

Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden MysteryReal Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery
Airs on Hallmark Channel, August 26 at 7pm

A mystery hits close to home for Aurora when a member of the Real Murders Club she presides over is found dead. Aurora realizes the crime mirrors a case discussed by the club and fears that one of her members could either be the next target or even the murderer!

Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to DieGourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die
Airs on Hallmark Channel, September 6 at 3pm

Henry Ross, a prominent chef, and Maggie Price, a no-nonsense police detective, reunite at a luxurious resort where Henry is a guest at a gourmet food conference and Maggie is taking a much-needed vacation. The two team up to untangle a complicated web of mystery involving a journalist, a movie star, and high-profile fixtures of the San Francisco restaurant scene.

Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly RoomGarage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room
Airs on Hallmark Channel, August 9 at 7pm

Jennifer Shannon uses her sharp eye when finding rare garage sale treasures to resell at her consignment store. When her business partner dies, she uses her intuitive skills to investigate her friend’s death in a multimillion-dollar home with a dark history.